Destination: The Danube Delta


After a 2,860 km journey and before reaching the Black Sea, the Danube created a beautiful area called the Danube delta. This amazing 'water-world' consists of the three main branches of the river, called Chilia, Sulina and St. George, and many smaller branches, canals, swamps, reeds, forests and dunes.

Danube Delta landscape Danube Delta accommodation

The Danube Delta is listed as a UNESCO Reservation of the Biosphere because of its peculiar features and its variety of ecosystems (more than 25 types of natural ecosystems). It hosts over 1,200 varieties of plants, 300 species of birds, being the richest ornithological fauna on the continent, as well as 45 freshwater fish species in its numerous lakes and marshes. This is the place where millions of birds from different places of Earth (European, Asian, African, Mediterranean) come to lay their eggs.


Danube_delta_accommodationAlong Sulina, the central branch of the river, and 40 km from the city of
Tulcea,the 'gate' to the delta, there is a fishing village called Gorgova. Here, at 22 miles from the sea, a rustic estate is expecting its guests. The two-star guesthouse accommodates 17 persons and it has all commodities.

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